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Dave Talley and GPAAC Update – August 2022

Dave Talley Goes to Nigeria

One of our Partners is GPAAC with Dave Talley. Mark Miller recently received correspondence from Dave. Mark notes in a recent email, “Dave will be in Nigeria during September and October to conduct training for Nigerians.”

Adam Shaba, a Nigerian who coordinates Dave’s time and schedule in Nigeria writes to Mark:

Dave Tally’s itinerary in Nigeria tentatively is:

  • Arrives Jos through Lagos, September 29 to October 2.
  • Trains field missionaries between 3-7 October in our Center. Also, commission the Skill Acquisition Building he contributed to empower trainees.
  • Takes the devotional of the Theological College of Northern Nigerian Conference, 4-6th, 50 minutes daily. Also considers the paper on “Biblical Theology of Crisis: Nigeria as a Case Study”, then a break out session on his paper into group discussion.

Please note that the timetable not out yet finalized, this is a draft. We still have adjustments to make. Are any of you coming with him? It helps us to plan.

In Christ through mercy,
A Shaba

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