A Bit of History Behind Pilgrims Provision Ministries


Tim and Ginger Geftakys, Mark Miller, Jack Hanson, and Mike Struven met and learned to serve together through involvement at college campus Bible Studies and a Church fellowship in Fullerton, CA. During those years they were stirred by the Gospel to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the local community and do what they could to see that message advanced throughout the world.


In the 80's Samuel Ochenjele came from Nigeria to the United States with the intention of purchasing Christian films for sharing the Gospel back home. It was then Samuel met the five to be founders of PPM and hearts were immediately bound together in Gospel burden. During these years Samuel's work in Nigeria started to grow and through annual visits he shared reports of God's moving in Nigeria. In the same decade Mark Miller and Tim Geftakys visited and witnessed firsthand the needs of Nigeria and all that Christ was doing through Samuel’s labors.


During these years the Lord gave more opportunities to labor with brethren in Nigeria and witness many churches planted. In addition, Mark and Tim were able to travel to various other countries in Africa to labor and help. As each year passed, the work in Africa grew in numbers as well as in local Christian laborers. At the same time, other friends moved to Mexico as missionaries. Also, during this decade's summer months, Tim was able to lead Missionary teams into various European countries. 

2000's to Present

Pilgrims Provision Ministries' desire to help missionary work began with individuals desiring to contribute to Livingstone Academy in Nigeria. The private school was established in response to a pair of factors:

  • the desire to provide secondary education based in Christian values
  • the need to help and educate many of the children orphaned as a result of the epidemic HIV virus

Livingstone began with 35 students. In the decade following 2010, the Academy grew to more than 1,000 students. New classrooms and buildings had to be constructed to accommodate the needs. Upon hearing of the amazing growth, a number of Christian fellowships desired to join in and contribute to the school, as well as helping with the growth of local gatherings throughout Nigeria.

As a result of these intentions, we began a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Pilgrims Provision Ministries. We are now able to help other ministries throughout the world. Presently, while still aiding Nigeria, we're assisting missionaries going to India, Mexico and Hungary. We've also been a conduit for laborers involved with Word of Life in Toalmas.