Pilgrims Provision Ministries aids in helping workers with on-site assistance in the practical help and supporting of Christian Ministries in a local area of Christian work. There are two ways we can offer aid:

Short-term Missionaries

Pilgrims Provision Ministries desires to support ‘Short-term Missionaries’ that assist other Christian Ministries in fulfilling their objectives. This includes itinerant speakers, professionals (doctors, teachers, builders, IT professionals, etc.) and specific ministry-gifted individuals needing help on a short-term basis; ie, contributing at conferences or short-term medical clinics abroad.

Our desire is to work together with those needing assistance in their stewardship for the purpose of building-up the Body of Christ or contributing to the needy. We desire to help individuals whose goals are in union with the burdens and outreaches of a local church.

Long-term Missionaries

At times it may become evident that a short-term infusion of help is not adequate to meet a local need. In this case, placing a ‘Long-term Missionary’, with a necessary gift and contribution, may be what’s needed for a local church or ministry in a community. Pilgrims Provision Ministries’ desires to aid the long-term missionary as they seek to strengthen the local church in the capacity God has gifted.