Reaching the Mission Field in Nigeria

For nearly 40 years we’ve been in close association with a dear couple, Samuel and Jenebu Ochenjele, from Otukpo, Nigeria. Throughout the years we’ve witnessed God powerfully moving through their faithful ministry. Many churches across Nigeria found their beginning and growth through the diligent preaching of God’s Word by Samuel. 

Presently, they are still very much active and involved with the work in Nigeria. As God’s servants, they travel throughout the country with the burden of bringing the Message of Christ to countrymen willing to listen. From the larger cities to the small bush villages, Samuel and a team of co-laborers carry the Gospel—along with resources for those in deep poverty and need—to hungering hearts ready to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Not only do we stand in prayer with our brother and sister living in this most difficult place, but through the gifts of many gracious brethren we are able to provide resources and finances for the ministry and work of the Gospel. Combined first and foremost with the Message of Christ, the Ochenjele’s are able to contribute to the many impoverished and suffering around them. 

It’s a privilege to know and care for God’s servants laboring in far-off lands. As Samuel and Jenebu Ochenjele joyfully run their course in Nigeria, they are truly brethren worthy of double-honor.