Pilgrims Provision Ministries strives to produce technical assistance in a variety of areas for enabling other Christian Ministries to accomplish their goals.

Technical Consultants

Pilgrims Provision Ministries seeks to offer help in whatever capacities we can produce. Whether it’s management, accounting, information technology assistance, or the ever-needful help of assisting to disperse the Good News to the lost, our desire is to be ready to support in time of need. In recent years, As an example, Pilgrims Provision Ministries has provided Livingstone Academy in Nigeria with practical types of service in accounting and computer technologies.

We have contacts with various professionals working in different industries benefiting from modern technologies absent in third world countries. Our desire is to pass-on those disciplines by instructing others how to take advantage of them. We’re willing to help advise and are only an email or phone call away.

Technical Assistants

At times there are situations that can only be handled from on-site visits. Setting up accounting procedures, training teachers how to use the latest technologies and other practical personal assistance requires a “hands-on” education opportunity. Pilgrims Provision Ministries’ associates have visited indigenous leaders and missionaries in Nigeria to supply instruction and other assistance for Christian ministry work.

Pilgrims Provision Ministries seeks to find and send Christian men and woman who can produce services and assist in resources. Whether it’s instructing educators on computer technologies, or preaching the message of Jesus Christ and His hope to the local populace, our desire is to aid in wherever the need is.