Dave Talley and GPAAC Update – October 2022

Dave Talley in Jos, Nigeria

We recently received this correspondence from Dave:


Thanks for your prayers on our behalf. You are responsible for the details below, both because of your prayers and financial support.
Today, we went to the center. Trevor ran cabling to connect the new Skills Acquisition Center to the network in the main building and began the process of setting up the six computers. He is working with a man named Peter so that Peter will know how the cables have been routed throughout the campus.
I began training the core missionaries to the north. Some have still not arrived, but tomorrow we will have a full class. They are studying different courses all week, so pray that they will be filled to the full as they learn more about pastoring and church/planting in these difficult areas. I am teaching a "Theology of Suffering," beginning today with the proper foundation of the Bible that God is gracious to his creation in all things. God is good, all the time...all the time, God is good.
Then, I left Trevor and went to a school to distribute "Padpacks" (packs containing three washable sanitary napkins, two pairs of panties, and soap/ 2 washcloths; made by the women of Cornerstone Church). They are much needed and were well-received. I also delivered rice and cleaning supplies to a home of orphans and widows. I always wish that I had much more to give.
The Village we were visiting is Miango, the village that I was to visit on my last trip, but it was burned down the day before we were to visit by Fulani herdsman, acts of Islamic Jihadism. People died. And homes and churches were destroyed. So goes the life of these dear saints. So, as I left the village, I stopped to hear the stories of three pastors whose homes were destroyed and whose church communities faced the loss of loved ones and burnt down homes. I wanted to hear their stories and let them know that they are not forgotten. I wish that you could hear their stories.
I joined Trevor back at the Center for lunch. Then, we left for the guest house. When we arrived, we had coffee and debriefed our day. We had dinner and are winding down. Trevor is sleeping because he is not feeling well. I am doing some prep work and taking care of email correspondence from my ministries at Cornerstone and BIOLA. Life back home does not stop for me...work will pile up during the time of being here.
Tomorrow, I will continue teaching and Trevor will continue with his IT work as long as he is feeling better. I will visit another orphanage and deliver food. Hopefully, Trevor will be far enough along in his project that he can join me. In the evening I may be meeting with some church leaders who are in a legal battle with their denomination. I am burdened by this since I learned about it yesterday. And most of you know that I welcome walking into issues like this. So, pray that they accept the dinner invitation and are open to looking at God's word and considering their situation from a fresh perspective. It will take a miracle, but God is in the miracle business.
1) Pray for Trevor's health. He believes that he has food poisoning. Pray for a quick recovery. AND PRAY that I do not get it. We are always eating together.
2) Pray that Trevor will continue to make progress on his project and that my teaching will impact these missionaries to dangerous situations. I have no idea what it is to walk in their shoes, so I need God-given discernment in the ways that I challenge them with the truths of God's word. Today, one of the men recounted the burial of his uncle who had been decapitated by Muslims because he was a Jesus follower.
3) Pray for our visits to the orphanages that we will encourage the residents.
4) Pray that the meeting with the church elders can take place tomorrow night and that I will have Godly wisdom in the Scripture that I share with them. I want to be sensitive to them because I know that they have wrestled with this. But God has given me a very clear angle to take...too long to share what it is.
5) Pray that our sleep continues to get better each night. We need strength for what we are doing. Fortunately, the weather is nice in Jos, which makes the days more bearable.
6) A quick praise that my hands continue to do well! Thank you, Lord!
May the Lord bless you because of the role you play in our ministry here. We could do it without you.

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