History of Livingstone Academy

Livingstone Academy began with a desire to provide a Christian foundation and secondary education to Nigerian youth orphaned by the HIV epidemic. The school founders soon realized that in order to help the orphans and run an effective school, they would also need a paying student body. 

Upon reviewing that desire, the local village donated a large tract of land and construction soon began. Witnessing what God was doing, parents in the community sought to enroll their children in what became known as ‘an excellent educational institution.’

Livingstone Academy’s Vision Statement
  • To reach the youth of Nigeria with the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while educating them for a productive life.
  • To give students the necessary academic training to be able to enter a college or university for advanced career training.
  • To equip students with necessary practical life skills and trades for their life sustenance and the betterment of the society around them.
Livingstone Academy Students

Livingstone Academy serves over 700 secondary school students in the vicinity of the city of Otukpo in Benue State, Nigeria. It maintains high academic standards with the students regularly achieving the highest test scores in the area. Consequently, upon graduation, the students are regularly sought after by universities. 

Of the total student body, approximately twenty-five receive full scholarships. To qualify, recipients must meet established criteria regarding motivation, academic ability and need.

Administration and Faculty

Oversight, vision and direction is provided by a Board of Governors comprised of educators and professionals. Samuel Ochenjele, the current Director, brings proven administrative abilities and a genuine care for the academic and spiritual well-being of the students. Debby Durojaiye is currently principal holding a Master’s Degree in Education. Her husband, Yinnkah, serves as on-site administrator and chaplain, orchestrating outreach and discipleship programs for the student body. Approximately twenty teachers provide core instruction to the students and are carefully chosen for their teaching ability and common vision of the purpose of the Academy. Other staffing includes a bookkeeper, security and maintenance personnel and a computer specialist.

Livingstone Academy Facilities

To accommodate growth, over the years Livingstone Academy has constructed numerous buildings. Presently, more than sixteen classrooms are used to accommodate student education. To receive accreditation from the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria, the school constructed a Science Lab and Exam facilities. Other classrooms include a Computer Lab, Library, and fully-equipped Woodshop with industrial quality equipment. To provide stable power, working in conjunction with the national power company, the school purchased its own transformer. The Academy also maintains offices for the director, principal, teachers, bookkeeper, along with principal’s residence,

Current and Future Projects

Early on, Livingstone Academy constructed a wall along the front of their property. Presently, providing a secure environment for the students has become paramount. The Academy seeks to enclose its property with a wall along the remaining perimeter to safeguard the children, school’s assets from theft and land encroachment. In addition, and as an added incentive to hire and retain quality teachers, the institution has also undertaken the project of building living quarters for staff educators.

Eventually, Livingstone Academy hopes to build student living quarters. Other long term projects and initiatives include:

  • an elementary school as a feeder school to the secondary school
  • expansion of the secondary school
  • to instill self-sustaining projects (such as farming, animal husbandry, and woodworking) providing goods and services to the community thus generating additional school revenues
How to Help

Interested individuals can help Livingstone Academy with a financial gift to the Capital Fund or the Scholarship FundThe Academy uses contributions to the Capital Fund for current construction projects. While a donation of $150 to the Scholarship Fund provides one annual scholarship. A 3-year commitment helps budget a student for at least three years with either a junior or senior secondary education. 

Livingstone Academy also appreciates technical assistance from qualified technicians. Individuals with experience in education may provide instruction to students, training to teachers, or advice to school administrators. Professionals in business administration, information technology and the trades also provide a great benefits to the school. If you are interested in participating, please contact us about partnering with Pilgrims Provision Ministries.

New College Scholarship Program

Having passed each final exam for six consecutive years (7th-12th grades), each spring 30-35 students graduate from Livingstone Academy. Sadly, though they’ve been well-educated and have demonstrated achievement as scholars, in the years following many are unable to attend college due to a lack of funds for tuition, books and lodging. Difficult life circumstances and, sometimes even the death of parents, stymie these graduates from pursuing a college education and career.

We want to help. To assist these aspiring scholars with their college expenses, Pilgrims Provision Ministries is adding to our Website the ability to including donations for a College Scholarship Fund. Please use the below donate button which directs to our PayPal Account.