Marcos and Martha Update – May, 2019

Marcos and Martha Update.

Hello PPM Team,

We found an apartment for rent in Sun Valley which is about 10 minutes from the church. We are currently attending membership classes, foundations of the faith classes, and I’m taking an online class in Theology.

We have a trip to Cuernavaca, Lord willing, at the end of the month for a few weeks. Please pray for a couples meeting at the home with Carlos Flores and his wife Aurora, and with Arturo Cortez and his wife Marifer. We’re expecting 15-20 couples. Please pray about the possibility of opening the home to the Iglesia Bíblica de Cristo, Cuernavaca. We hope to meet with Luis Contreras who is the voice of John MacArthur in the Spanish speaking world. He’s one of the brothers in charge of the Masters Academy International in Mexico City.

Also, please pray for the team from Grace Community in Sun Valley who is going on a mission trip to Guadalajara this summer. There are some believers who fellowship at the church in Guadalajara who live in Yahualica.

Martha and I had a profitable time in Yahualica, Jalisco. That’s where Martha was born. Martha’s mom has a home and property there that could be used for a meeting place in the future. I had to make a couple of visits to Aguascalientes to purchase a power washer to clean and prepare the roof for waterproofing. We were able to take care of that and we met some Christians while we were in Yahualica.

Thank you for your prayers, the Lord is good,

Justified by faith,
Marcos and Martha.

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