Trucks to Nigeria – 2018

Vehicles Sent to Nigeria – 2018.

If the dangers of traveling on the roads of Nigeria weren’t enough, Nigerians also must face the peril of crumbling infrastructure. It’s not uncommon to see long stretches of nearly unpassable highway strained by deep potholes, or vehicles left abandoned by the wayside to rot. While many Americans take pride in the amount of years a suburban vehicle can drive compared to miles, Nigerians are overjoyed with the least amount of damage incurred annually. Notwithstanding, cars in Nigeria have a much shorter usability rate than most of the world; much less the United States.

By working and traveling in this third-world country, indigenous brethren are not exempt from vehicle wear-and-tear. In fact, seeing that much of their ‘driving’ is to and from remote towns and villages, use for the ministry generally shortens the lifespan of these cars and trucks. To make the point, let’s say a Nigerian brother or sister actually earns enough resources to purchase a car. Sadly, that vehicle’s lifespan is significantly shortened by the treacherous Nigerian roads. 

Being aware of this situation, fellow-helpers in Christ, men who visited Nigeria witnessing these realities, were burdened to put together a couple of vehicles and donate them into the hands of needful brethren. Through the capabilities of Pilgrims Provision Ministries, those resources were coordinated with other donors, everyone pitching in both to prepare and/or ship the products. Now that the brethren have durable and spacious vehicles, they use them to transport people, materials, and all that's needed for meetings or outreaches. Additionally, Livingstone Academy will also have access to the vehicles as needs arises.

If you would like to contribute in the same way for the future, contact us at Pilgrims Provision Ministry and we can forward some ideas for helping.

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